Carjacked: would you like to get stabbed?

Herald Sun
Kane Cashin said he was confronted by his attacker when he went to his car that was parked in his Smith St, Thornbury, driveway about 6am this morning...

"He asked for the keys and when he said would you like to get stabbed, I got a bit shaken one really wants to get stabbed. Soon as I fell over I threw the keys in his general direction, then he took the keys...and stabbed me in the throat." ...

"I can't see any justification for seeing a stab wound to someones neck after he gets what he wanted." ...

The offender is described as skinny, 183cm tall, in his 30s, of Mediterranean appearance, unshaven, wearing a black hoodie with white motif and white sleeves, a black beanie and dark track pants.
"The biggest thing that's got me is, why stab me in the throat after he's got what he wants? I'm dumbfounded by that."
So much random, unjustified, unprovoked violence out there. What could be the cause? Gee, I don't know. Maybe an ideology with a rap sheet as long as its list of excuses?

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