Ideology withstands axe to skull

I just watched a moving documentary about Canadian soldier Captain Trevor Greene who had an axe sunk into his skull whilst he sat down with village elders in Afghanistan.
The Canadians took off their helmets and put down their guns as they usually do to reassure villagers that they were friendly.

A few minutes before the attack, someone moved all the children about 20 metres away – but none of the Canadian troops noticed anything unusual, Schamuhn said.

"There was no weird feelings. There was no gut feeling that something was about to go down. Everything was very calm and similar to the previous meetings."

A minute later, a man who appeared to be less than 20 walked up behind Greene and pulled a half-metre-long axe out from underneath his clothes.

"He pulled an axe out from underneath his clothing and lifted right above his head, standing right behind Trevor," said Schamuhn, who was sitting only about a metre away.

As he lifted up the axe, the man shouted "Allahu Akbar," which means "God is great" in Arabic.

Then, said Schamuhn, "he swung the axe into Trevor's head."

The Canadian soldiers reacted instantly, the military says.

"The Canadian soldiers who were by him, his security force, killed the assailant immediately following the attack," ...
Tragic, but another surprise comes later:
The question was “Trevor do you have dreams about what happened?” Trevor answers “Yes. I’m in Afghanistan, I’m sitting in the village where I was attacked, I am talking to the boy that attacked me, and I tell him, I’m sorry, I’m sorry that my friend killed you, I was there in uniform in your home, with a weapon.”
Crikey. Someone shouts "God is great" whilst sinking an axe into your head. You'd think maybe his reaction might be: I'm sorry, I'm sorry I misunderstood your religion, I'm sorry I believed everyone who parroted that "Islam is peace". Even considering his tragic brain injury and lengthy rehab, it's still amazing that he doesn't question Islam.

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