Immigration surge by "conservative" Australian leader

When "conservative" Australian leader Tony Abbott came to power in 2013 he quickly restored our border security and stopped nearly all illegal boat arrivals. Problem solved.

But if you think Abbott is concerned about preserving the demographic character/integrity of Australia, then think again. He's just another open borders freak. Another man without identity. Another zombie.

Australian politics swings from the incompetent bleeding-heart Left, to the anarchistic free-market open-borders Right. There is no centre. There is no identity in Australian politics anymore. They have all been lobotomised and placed their brains on the altar of political correctness.

As Diana West wrote recently in Why Do Nations Extinguish Themselves:

"Who goes to work, pours a cup of coffee and makes these suicidal decisions?"

Five million visas into Australia this year likely to set new records
Australia is set to issue, for the first time, more than 5 million visas this year, presenting a range and scale of policy challenges not seen since World War II.

Surging numbers of students, tourists and workers on short-term visas mean that as many as 1.9 million foreigners are likely to be in the country at any one time over the course of 2015, according to Michael Pezzullo, Secretary of the Department of Immigration.

The number of traditional permanent migrants is also surging, with this year's intake likely to surpass the existing record of 185,000, which was set in 1969.

... Mr Pezzullo ... pointed to a rapid shift in the ethnic composition of new migrants away from Europe towards east and southern Asia.

The number of Chinese-born Australians has more than tripled to almost 450,000 in the space of two decades, he said.

Those born in India has risen more than four-fold in that time, to almost 400,000.

Those numbers compare to about 1.2 million born in Britain and more than 600,000 in New Zealand, as part of an overall foreign-born population of 6.6 million.

The huge influx means a higher proportion of the population was born overseas than at any time since the gold rushes of the 19th century.
File under: zombies.

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