Obama did not write Dreams From My Father

Here in Australia, foreign policy expert Greg Sheridan is still dumbfounded by Obama's motives, in particular about Iran, but also generally.

He called Obama the "author of luminous prose" which I found quite funny after recently watching this video by literary expert Jack Cashill.

Cashill compared Dreams From My Father (an extremely well written book) with Obama's other published writings, which are meagre and sub-par. He concludes that there is "no way" Obama could have written the book, and that Obama was "not the primary craftsman of Dreams".

He also studied the writing of Obama's left-wing terrorist neighbour Bill Ayers and found a striking similarity with Dreams e.g. a penchant for nautical metaphors (which Ayers derived from his time working on boats).

It's one thing to have a ghost writer, it's another thing to claim "I wrote them myself" while your ghost writer is a terrorist.

That's just one glimpse into the rabbit hole of Obama's mindset, which goes much deeper.

File under: dreams from my neighbour.

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