Asians group themselves racially for Australian election

Here in the recent New South Wales state election, there was an interesting group of candidates for our upper house.

Very little is known about the group's policies or ideology, so we can presume it was aimed squarely at the Asian vote, particularly the Chinese.

This is sign of what to expect from Australia's rapidly growing Asian population i.e. they will not hesitate to identify and vote racially.

This is particularly true of the Chinese, who generally retain a fierce identity with the "motherland".

And the majority of Australia's immigrants now come from China (and India).

When the Chinese/Asians begin to assert themselves politically, you can be sure the first policy they will throw in the bin is the diversity doctrine. They will skew our immigration further towards Asians, and away from those pesky white folks.

Diversity (on a mass scale) is a pathological, post-traumatic, post WW2, white man affliction. No other race believes in it (except temporarily to further colonise white countries).

As an example of what the Chinese think about their growing presence in Australia, look at how they named this magazine for Chinese-Australians:

File under: kin preference.

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