Social superpowers rest upon kin preference

Neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains the importance of our social superpowers in making us smarter, happier, and more productive.

But alas, he somehow forgets that our social superpowers are built upon kin preference. So I've included a video by Professor Philippe Rushton to bring us back to reality i.e. if you want your social superpowers then don't forget that nature designed them to work in a homogeneous group.

And now Professor Rushton for a dose of social reality ...

Philippe Rushton, Inclusive fitness in human relationships
Similarity, whether actual or perceived, is one of the most important factors in human relationships. It is more surprising to find just how fine-tuned the recognition process can be. The studies reviewed above show that the preference for similarity occurs within ethnic groups and within families... Functional magnetic resonance imaging studies are beginning to demonstrate ... that the detection of resemblance is occurring below the level of conscious awareness...
Lowri Turner, I love my mixed race baby - but why does she feel so alien?
Don't get me wrong, I love her... But when I turn to the mirror in my bedroom to admire us together, I am shocked. She seems so alien. With her long, dark eyelashes and shiny, dark brown hair, she doesn't look anything like me.

I know that concentrating on how my daughter looks is shallow. She is a person in her own right, not an accessory to me. But still, I can't shake off the feeling of unease.

I didn't realise how much her looking different would matter and, on a rational level, I know it shouldn't. But it does.
Lowri Turner, My Mixed Emotions
People say my daughter has my eyes or my mouth, but I know they are just trying to be kind. She looks as similar to me as I do to Naomi Campbell. I didn't expect this to matter to me, but it does.
File under: diversity is strength neutered superpowers.

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