Australian cricket "pale, male and stale"

A white journalist is giddy with excitement that Australian cricket is being colonised by Indians.

Gurinder Sandhu to help Cricket Australia recruit untapped talent
NSW fast bowler Gurinder Sandhu will be awarded a special marketing contract as Australian cricket continues to shed its pale, male and stale image.

Not yet 20 and a veteran of just two first class matches, the Blacktown born 195cm giant is the type of success story Cricket Australia is desperate to promote, particularly in Sydney’s diverse western suburbs.

"There’s a heavy Indian population in western Sydney so I might be able to help," Sandhu told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday...

Sandhu’s early years as a junior cricketer in Blacktown highlight what an untapped cricket resource western Sydney appears to be, with 50,000 Indians a year now migrating to Australia.

"Only two or three of the kids were white,” Sandhu recalled. “The rest were Sri Lankan, Indian or Fijian Indian.”
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  1. Pale, male and stale. What a disgusting insult to white Australian males. Well, if the pale males don't start protecting their turf, soon there won't be any left.