Voting in Australian federal election

UPDATE - I added my Senate preferences.

I don't have time to write anything detailed about vote-worthy candidates for this weekend's election. But here's who I'll be voting for. My top 3 issues are:

1 - Diverse immigration
2 - Globalisation (free trade, foreign ownership)
3 - Coal seam gas mining of farmland and water catchments (it is insane to mine these sensitive areas).

So I'll be voting for ...

House of Representatives:
1 - One Nation Party
2 - Australia First Party
3 - ... yadda yadda

1 - Stop CSG Party
2 - One Nation
3 - Australian Protectionist Party
4 - Australia First Party
5 - Katter's Australia Party
6 - ... yadda yadda (up to the 110th box)

There's also a REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign to make a symbolic stand.

The Australian Protectionist Party is also vote-worthy, but is not in my area.

Bob Katter's Australia Party might be vote-worthy but I don't know much about it.

The Party For Freedom is not yet registered, so they don't have any candidates.

Unlike Europe which has some resistance parties gaining 10-20% of the vote, Australia currently doesn't have anyone professional enough to attract mainstream voters.

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