The happiest photo ever made?

Time Magazine published a photo under the question: Is This the Happiest Photo Ever Made?

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And it reminded me of a website I'd seen earlier, Action For Happiness:

What are these pictures telling us? That we were happier decades ago.

These pictures are documenting our move downwards on the Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow's hierarchy isn't perfect but it will suffice to make my point):

Instead of being up in the top-half of needs, enjoying friendship, spontaneity and creativity, now we're down in the bottom-half dealing with the noise and insecurity of diversity, and the fight to keep diversity at bay.

Not only is diversity life threatening, but it acts in a similar manner to noise: it is a constant low-level pain/nausea that makes life an ordeal to endure, rather than something to be enjoyed. It crushes the spirit.

So if you want real action for happiness, then we need to acknowledge that diversity is not a natural or desirable state for humans, and it should be avoided, not celebrated.

File under: a picture tells a thousand words.

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