Wade Michael Page: white, tattooed, incongruous

Apparently the guy who shot up the Sikh temple in the USA was heavily tattooed, steeped in neo-Nazi ‘hate music’, and founded a band named End Apathy. Sounds a bit incongruous to me.

Lawrence Auster, Heavily tattooed man murders six at Sikh temple
Wade Michael Page, a guitarist who had covered both his arms with hideous tattoos, shot to death six people and wounded three others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

People who permanently disfigure their bodies with these monstrous and frightening tattoos have, whether they consciously realize it or not, rejected their own humanity and our common humanity. It is not surprising that one of these freaks has committed a terrible crime, since he had turned his very body into a crime, a weapon of repulsion and fear. Yet while our society obsesses about the dangers posed by members of “white supremacist” and neo-Nazi groups ..., it accepts as normal, and has not a word to say against, people who conspicuously mutilate their own bodies and by doing so declare war against society, humanity, nature, and God—against the order of existence.
I'm an atheist, so I'd withhold the God talk, but otherwise I agree that tattoos are repulsive (because our biology prefers visual norms, beauty and health). So I don't understand why white people who oppose diversity then go and nauseatingly deface their own skin. Logically, such a person would hate themselves.

File under: end apathy, but not this way.


  1. These freaks are a tribe unto themselves. They are normal within their sub-culture. So they probably hate clean skin whites more than themselves. Ironic.

  2. Yep. But either way, they're a mental case.