Thomas Keneally mugged by 'fraternal' diversity

Popular Australian author Thomas Keneally is an advocate of high immigration (see below). Alas, he has now been robbed by his beloved diversity.

Author lost $71,300 in bank fraud
AUTHOR Tom Keneally lost $71,300 to his thieving bank manager who he had trusted to look after his nest egg at the Commonwealth Bank.

Karen Myhanh Chau, 39 from Ultimo, appeared in the Downing Centre Local Court yesterday where she pleaded guilty to siphoning nearly $250,000 from six wealthy customers ...
Earlier, in happier times ...

Tom Keneally, Our door should always be open (video)
It's normal in times of financial uncertainty, or even at other times, to call for reductions in immigrant numbers. It has always been a false response. We are part of a world of political and climatic uncertainty, in which for economic and political reasons people are on the move ...

Imagine had the apostles of social cohesion and immigrant limitation and reduction got their way. The reality of immigration proved to be the polar opposite of what was feared ...

We have here no secular theology of immigration. We have no public monuments to ragged masses yearning to be free. We have sometimes intense initial resistance followed by tolerance, fraternity and the highest level of ethnic inter-marriage in the world... This history of immigration indicates it has enriched the community by creating wealth and cleverness and imagination - all without destroying the cohesion we want, and without creating ghettos. Why reduce these possibilities? Under the sanction of mere reason, less immigration will make Australia less wealthy, less clever, less imaginative and less of a successful polity. Who wants that?
Now I'm no scientist but it's pretty obvious that empathy diminishes across ethnic boundaries. So while, of course, crime happens everywhere, I imagine that if the "apostles of social cohesion" had got their way, there's a greater chance that Thomas would still have his money. But, hey, "who wants that?".

File under: the sanction of mere reason.


  1. "Under the sanction of mere reason..."

    What a pretentious old twit Thomas Keneally is.

    As you may recall, Keneally was one of those who lined up to attack Geoffrey Blainey for his criticism of Asian immigration back in the 1980s. Given that Keneally was in favour of bringing people like Chau to Australia, it is only fitting that he be on the receiving end of such cultural "enrichment". Personally, I'm glad to see him getting swindled by non-white immigrants. My only regret is that Chau didn't steal more from the pompous old fool.

    Like most European-derived societies, Australia has historically been a high-trust society. However, as Australia has become more racially and ethnically diverse as a result of open-door immigration, that trust has been exploited by non-Western immigrant groups from low-trust societies who have no qualms about ripping off their own kin and kith let alone silly old white people.

  2. Blainey was a bit before my time but given his treatment it's no surprise that thereafter most celebrities and public figures haved either bowed down to the diversity mantra or quietly drifted away. All that now remains to fill the vacuum is the warped reality of Keneally and his ilk, now coming back to bite them.