Rival Syrian protesters clash at Sydney airport

And so, as another episode of Islam v. Dictator v. Stupid Moderates unfolds in the Middle East, we have to now hear about it here in Australia.

Once again ABC radio and TV is full of horror and hope that somehow we can bring peace to this troubled land. If only we can topple another dictator.

How much more of this intractable problem do we have to suffer before it becomes obvious that the fate of Muslim countries is a permanent struggle between Islamic fundamentalists, dictators, and stupid moderates/ideologues? Nothing will change until the violent nature of Islam is acknowledged and somehow rooted out (yeah, good luck with that).

The only sane policy towards Islam is a divorce.

File under: the ideology of diversity loves a brick wall to bash its stupid head against.


  1. Yeah the news is like groundhog day... every day the same mindless quagmire of unsolvable problems that diversity has wrought. The West has truly lost its mind.

  2. If the Syrians in the above video are so passionate about their motherland, why don't they all go back there? Why are they in Australia? Why should we - Australians - allow these foreign squabbles to be played out on our soil? We certainly don't need such people here, especially given their fractious nature.

  3. Michael, yep groundhog day. I'm amazed Fran Kelly on ABC Radio can get up every day and say "Wow! I can't wait to see what exciting greenshoots of democracy there are in Arabia today!". Truly demented. Mubarak looks in perfect health lying on that stretcher. Intractable dementia all around.

  4. Anon, yep we are recreating these ancient conflicts right here in our own backyard. Sooner or later, if sanity prevails, we will have to draw a line and limit this insane fetish with diversity. It is truly mad.