Farmer's spirit crushed by coal seam gas trucks

Watch Queensland farmer Rod Anderson's emotional speech at the end of a 10 day blockade which ended with a police escort of mining trucks onto his community.

Whilst our blubbering politicians led by Sarah Hanson-Young are chronically debating crying over what level of open-borders incompetence is appropriate for destroying Australia, domestic issues like this are pushed aside.

Will any politician cry over our farmers being invaded, losing their property rights, losing their peace of mind, and losing their property values?

Will Queensland Premier Campbell Newman or Resource Minister Andrew Cripps cry for our farmers? Nope.

Will Prime Minister Julia Gillard, or Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke, or Resource Minister Martin Ferguson cry for farmers? Nope.

Will opposition leader Tony Abbott cry for our farmers? Nope.

Will NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell or Resource Minister Peter Hartcher cry for NSW farmers being invaded? Nope.

None of them give a damn. They have sacrificed these farmers just to balance their budgets and keep the millons of political donations rolling in from mining companies.

Shame on them all.

File under: legalised theft.

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