Romanian beggars invade Park Lane, London

Invasion of Park Lane: Romanian beggars set up camp ... (via VFR)
* Moved into central reservation after eviction from Marble Arch last month

* Urinating in street in view of capital's highest-end restaurants and hotels

* British homeless: Too dangerous to sleep rough with knife-wielding migrants

* Coachloads of foreign pickpockets and prostitutes flood streets each day

* Tourist: 'It’s disgusting. It’s like something from the Third World'

* Locals say the group were sleeping in subway under central reservation ...
This must be the "spirit" that Kevin Rudd mentioned in his speech about copying the European Union down here in the Asia-Pacific:
The European Union of course does not represent an identikit model of what we would seek to develop in the Asia Pacific.

But what we can learn from Europe is this – it is necessary to take the first step.

In the 1950s, sceptics saw European integration as unrealistic.

But most people would now agree that the goal of the visionaries in Europe who sat down in the 1950s and resolved to build prosperity and a common sense of a security community has been achieved.

It is that spirit we need to capture in our hemisphere...
Behold the "common sense of a security community"!

File under: power fills a vacuum, and Kevin Rudd's hemispheres are empty.

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