7,000 Attend Lismore Anti-CSG Rally

Another huge turnout against the coal seam gas invasion in Australia.

Whip cracking kids lead this recent Sydney march too.

This follows a huge march in Sydney last year.

Meanwhile NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is still betraying farmers by failing to quarantine productive land from CSG mining.

Memo to NSW Resources and Energy Minister, Chris Hartcher: farmers and the public don't care one bit that members of the Socialist Alliance and GetUp are marching too. The problem is you on this issue, not them.

Meanwhile federal leaders Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard are still silent while the destruction carries on. We know Julia Gillard has no brains or morals, but what is Tony Abbott's excuse?

What future will Barry O'Farrell and Tony Abbott leave for this kid?
File under: legalised theft.

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