Sydney police launch clampdown on ... party boats

Police launch clampdown on Pyrmont party boats
Police will consider stricter regulation of "party boats" after a series of drunken brawls, including one at the weekend that involved 60 men – and left one with facial fractures.

... police were "fed up" dealing with "highly intoxicated, and highly emotional" people who get off these boats at Pyrmont...

On the agenda, is forcing "floating pubs" to declare their arrival and departure time so that police can check how intoxicated people are when they board and disembark.
Face smashed during 60-man Pyrmont brawl
A man found lying in a gutter with severe facial injuries had been on a harbour cruise visiting Sydney when he was assaulted in a brawl involving 60 men.

The 37-year-old man belonged to a group of 40 men from Wollongong, who had fought with a rival group outside The Star casino in Pyrmont...

The brawl started shortly after 1am yesterday, when the Wollongong-based group had alighted from a party boat at the casino wharf and were waiting for a bus...

"We are advised that as a result of a verbal altercation involving both groups, a large-scale brawl followed," he told reporters.
Behold the logic of political correctness. Groups party all night long with loads of alcohol, yet they don't fight within the group. But as soon as they meet a rival group, it's mayhem.

So do we state the obvious and question the wisdom of diversity? Nope, we just crack down on alcohol because that unlocks the reservoir of politically incorrect thoughts, and we work overtime to keep groups apart.

The group from Wollongong are probably whites who don't come to Sydney often.

File under: to protect and serve the brain-dead and emotion-neutered ideology of diversity.

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