R U OK with diversity?

I watched the 7pm Project on TV last night which promoted R U OK? Day aimed at reducing depression and suicide. They mentioned some scary statistics about suicide rates. But what spoke most was the vision of Sydney streets they used. Here's some screen grabs:

Could such pictures have been used a few decades ago when Sydney was still largely an Anglo population? Not likely, because the association between a city street and depression would not make much sense. But in today's world, misery is a normal and understood reaction to a diverse city.

Professor Jonathan Haidt, What Can Liberals Learn From Conservatives?
... liberals desperately need to read some conservative theory to understand that a world of freedom, mobility and diversity is a recipe for a world of chaos, anomie and social disillusion.
File under: the ideology of diversity is blind to reality.


  1. A picture speaks a thousand words. But the stark reality won't stop the professors and sociologists from speculating meaningless drivel about everything other than diversity as the cause of depression. Reality is no obstacle for the intellectual class.

  2. Yeah they'll try to breathe life into the liberal dystopia until the bitter end, and then they'll turn fascist and blame whites and come after us.