Kevin Rudd's health reform is ... an invisible engine

I didn't pay much attention to Kevin Rudd's health reforms. I assume his every waking moment is consumed with the mantra "nationalise then globalise", so I am suspicious of everything he does, and reflexively assume it's all to advance globalisation.

But today I had reason to investigate the health reforms, so I did some reading. Most of what I found is vague spin about improvements and restructuring here and there e.g. the creation of something called Medicare Locals. One fact sheet read like a nauseating Kevin Rudd speech. And then the reason for the vagueness became apparent:
At the time of the launch, the PM described Medicare Locals as an invisible engine, coordinating health care. Patients may never see or hear the Medicare Local engine working behind the scenes. But if the engine works well, then patients will simply get the best care.
There you go. I've never heard any man say so much and deliver so little. What a jerk. An empty hurricane. A silent cacophony. An energetic sloth. A detailed programmatic vacuity. A time thief.

File under: Kevin Rudd, the invisible engine.

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