In a truly humane world, Chris Berg would have ... an identity

Chris Berg, In a truly globalised world, immigration must be free
Goods move easily. Money moves easily. That’s all great.

But the situation for people is very different. People don’t move around the world easily at all ...

All the same principles which make free trade a win-win apply to free movement of people - large scale immigration allows people to work where they can be most productive, further facilitating the economic specialisation that has boosted global prosperity.

The development economist Lant Pritchett describes our world as “everything-but-labour globalisation”.

In his 2006 book, Let Their People Come: Breaking the Policy Deadlock on International Labor Mobility, Pritchett cites a study which found the economic benefits of free movement of people would be spectacular.

Eliminating the planet’s remaining trade barriers would increase global GDP by around $US100 billion.

Eliminating immigration barriers, by comparison, would as much as double world income: that is, increase global GDP by $US60 trillion.

This added wealth would be shared, but the overwhelming beneficiaries would be people who now live in poor countries...

Development activists who have spent their careers obsessing over the difference between free and “fair” trade have missed the point entirely.

Any effective strategy to eliminate world poverty will have to focus on immigration.
File under: reckless and dangerous man without identity; guard your children and think-tanks carefully against such brain-dead and emotion-neutered open-border freaks; these empathy extremists will destroy us with their narrow minded and freakified view of human nature which steamrolls the human desire for homogeneity on the road to an alien and hostile borderless dystopia.

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