The Alt-Right brand is dead

Nobody has defined the Alt-Right more so than Richard Spencer, its de facto leader. Well spoken, well presented, reasonable, and civilised, Spencer articulated an alternative position between mainstream cuckservatives and far-right lunatics. A "middle" ground that could appeal to the masses. And appeal it did, breaking into the public debate at the highest levels along with the rise of Trump.

Alas, over the past year, that clear delineation has been muddied by Spencer flirting with the Nazi fringe, and failing to disavow the lunatics. Examples include:

- Downplaying Nazi salutes as Roman salutes.
- His "fashy" haircut.
- Describing the torch rally as "beautiful" when told it looked like a lynch mob.
- Thinking that marching with a "Unite The Right" crowd was a good idea.
- Bringing the far-right Jewish fixation back into the frame.

The end result is that the clear delineation is now gone, and Spencer appears not much different from the far-right loonies. There is no Alt-Right anymore, just the old far-right, at least that's how it appears to the public.

And now with the Charlottesville tragedy on top of that, it's game over for the Alt-Right brand. There is no coming back.

RamzPaul warned Spencer about flirting with the neo-Nazi fringe. But for some reason, he ignored it. I have no idea whether Spencer is naive or what his motives are. But it's too late now.

So, now anyone who wants to create a serious Alt-Right political or cultural group, is going to have to find their own brand, and learn from these lessons, and proactively keep a huge chasm between themselves and the lunatic neo-Nazi fringe, and probably abandon all forms of street protests too, and focus on real power instead of faux power.

Spencer said that Charlottesville was the "beginning of white civil rights movement". It's not. I don't know what planet Spencer is on, but he has now lost mainstream interest, not gained it.

Ultimately the future of white/Western people requires us to build articulated cultural/community type groups, from the ground up. That's not a rally, not a protest, and not a street movement. It's a holistic group that serves all our needs, and draws in everyday people, rather than turning them away with neo-Nazi crap.

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