Trump is trying to shape China (and it will fail like the Middle East)

Trump's apparent backflip on ZTE Phones reveals a disturbing paternal mindset about China. He first takes a hard line with China, but in the next breath comforts them with a constructive way forward. He is trying to shape China.

But this approach will fail just like the US failed to shape the Middle East. Just like you cannot turn Muslim countries into democracies, you cannot turn China into a nation that plays fair, and works for win-win mutually beneficial outcomes.

China has a 2000 year old supremacist narrative, where they are the top dog, and everyone else ("barbarians") kowtows to them. That is what Xi is all about, reverting to type.

Read these books on China, and see what we're up against:

  • The 100 Year Marathon, by Dr Michael Pillsbury
  • Bully of Asia, by Steven Mosher
  • Hegemon, by Steven Mosher

Watch Chinese TV and you'll see a supremacist narrative running through their views:

The three ‘genetic defects’ of the Western model

They view Western democracies as a failed and dying model, that's why Xi is running the other way, back to authoritarian/totalitarian control freakery. Chinese TV is laughing at us, mocking us. They already have a supremacist narrative, and it's insane to think we can shape China like we tried to shape the Middle East.

Nothing but force will halt the march of China. Stop trying to shape China, and gear up the military and allies, because they will goose step over everyone until they are stopped. And just like North Korea is stalling for time, China will also stretch out negotiations with false promises and token gestures, while their military advances and expands over the globe.

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