Confucius Institutes: Academic Malware

Here in Australia there's talk about the Confucius Institutes in schools and universities. It's obvious that these are subtle agents of Chinese propaganda, seeking to control what people think about critical issues (South China Sea disputes, Taiwan, Tibet, Uighurs etc) and paint an image of China as always peaceful and never seeking hegemony or conflict. China is the gold medalist in propaganda. They want to control your thoughts, just like they control the Chinese people's.
Behind Confucius Classrooms: the Chinese government agency teaching NSW school students:

NSW public schools are being paid at least $10,000 a year by a Chinese government body to offer its Chinese language and culture courses, and some schools make it compulsory to attend.

Despite concerns over the appropriateness of outsourcing public school lesson time to a foreign government body, the state government expanded the program - known as Confucius Classrooms - to a further six schools in late 2015.

These classes might be free to Treasury, but they are paid for by exposing children to a foreign government's propaganda machine.

One Chinese-Australian parent, whose son is at a school where attendance at the Confucius Classrooms program is compulsory from kindergarten to year 2, said it was akin to "the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into the NSW public school system"...

Independent China expert Professor Jocelyn Chey of the University of Sydney said: "One might say that if a school program is 'just teaching language', it could not be political, but with Chinese everything is political."

File under: everything is political.

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