US mining chief urges Australia to stop feeding the dragon

And he's absolutely right. China will eventually invade Australia, just like it's stealing the South China Sea, and has stolen Tibet and Uighur territory.
US miner links iron exports to China's advance in South China Sea

Cliffs Natural Resources... chief executive, Lourenco Goncalves, said the miners were supplying China "to become an enemy".

"I hope the Australians will continue to question themselves why one or two companies are giving their finite resource away to the Chinese while the Chinese builds into a military powerhouse in the South China Sea," he said in a conference call with analysts on Friday

"I believe that China is a disaster. I believe that China will bring Australia down.

"Australia is a member of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), so it is a friend, at the same time that they supply China to become an enemy. So (they've) got to pick a side.

"I think that Australia will only believe China is destroying Australia when they build an artificial island on the Great Barrier Reef that they can see from the shore . So it is a matter of a myopic approach to world geopolitics and economics."
File under: national security trumps economics.

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