Raging Giuliani destroys Obama's "see no Islam" policy

This is a must-watch, breakthrough speech that literally SCREAMS questions at Obama, asking if he is stupid, asking if he really loves America, asking him to acknowledge that Islamic extremism actually exists, and to wake up to the dangers of Iran.

Rudy Giuliani gets full marks for emotional content, but maybe less for intellectual content. My comments below.

Good questions by Giuliani, but they miss the key point slightly.

Obama cannot do what is necessary to defend America i.e. to acknowledge that Islam is predisposed towards a violent interpretation (far more so than other religions).

He can't do that because of the implications that follow (a) it implies that the terrorists might be true Muslims which implies that (b) moderate Muslims might be ignorant fools about Islam and (c) logically we should stop all Muslim immigration.

Obama can't do any of those things because his identity is partly Muslim (due to his family heritage, his Arabic middle name, childhood in Indonesia, Pakistani college friends, travel to Pakistan, etc).

Muslims are Obama's family and friends. To acknowledge that Islam might be violent, would be humiliating for all moderate Muslims, and for Obama with his Muslim heritage. He will never do that.

This is what happens when you elect a president with DIVIDED loyalties.

Does Obama love America? Yeah, in some ways. (He loves non-white America). But he also loves Muslims and, in this case, he is putting the feelings of moderate Muslims above the security of America.

In the interests of not offending moderate Muslims, Obama cannot identify the enemy and cannot begin to defeat it.

Obama is the president of moderate Muslims, he is not the president of America.

Hence Obama deflects away from Islam with talk of the Crusades and the universality of violence. It's all a distraction. Meanwhile the Islamic threat grows everywhere.

In “Audacity of Hope” Obama wrote: “I will stand with them [Muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

He wasn't kidding. His loyalty to Muslims comes at the expense of US national security.

File under: divided loyalties.

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