Our Freedom is Under Attack -- Geert Wilders

Message Geert Wilders on Paris attack:

This is not the end of the misery, but just the beginning. Our elites have saddled us with an enormous problem...

No one can deny the truth any longer. It is Islam that inspires the murderers every time again. It is Muhammad, the so-called "prophet". It is the Koran that is the problem, and nothing else...

The time of looking away should now stop. Only tough measures can prevent further bloodshed. We have to de-Islamise our country, all immigration from Islamic countries must stop, jihadis should leave the country and never return. We must close our borders, introduce our own border controls, and leave Schengen. And we must deploy the army to protect our railways, shopping malls and streets.

Tough measures. Enough is enough... Today is a day of mourning... but it's also a day to finally start our liberation. Tomorrow should be a day that is better than today, not worse. A day with less Islam. A day of regained freedom.
Via Gates of Vienna.

File under: A day with less Islam.

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