Physicist analyses Islamic doctrine - Dr. Bill Warner (Video)

Dr Bill Warner (physicist) explains his books, which are a rational/statistical study of Islamic doctrine e.g.
  • There are 90 verses in the Koran which say that Muslims are to imitate the "prophet" Mohammed. He is the perfect role model, for all Muslims, for all time.
  • Mohammed committed an act of violence on the average of every 6 weeks for the last 9 years of his life.

  • The Islamic texts contain more Jew hatred (9%) than Mein Kampf (7%).
  • The majority of Islamic texts are not devoted to inner character development, but are about how to treat non-Muslims.
  • 80% of Mohammed's biography is devoted to war and harm to kafirs (non-Muslims) e.g.
  • "In Medina, Mohammed sat all day long beside his 12-year-old wife while they watched as the heads of 800 Jews were removed by sword. Their heads were cut off because they had said that Mohammed was not the prophet of Allah."
  • 30% of Islamic texts are devoted to jihad (violence for the spread of Islam).
File under: Islam by the numbers.

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