Holden to cease manufacturing in Australia by 2017

Watch the free-trade ideology die before your very ideas. The video shows a parliament half dispirited, while the other half cries "shame". But the shame is on the whole parliament because none of them have a plan to protect local manufacturing.

Some industries have to be protected, it's as simple as that. You can't raise the dollar with all these mining exports and influx of foreign capital/students, and then whinge about it hurting the car manufacturers. We are a relatively small economy and we have to make choices. Either you curb these dollar-inflating industries, or you put tariffs/quotas to protect manufacturing. We can't have it all.

It's a hands-on, discriminating choice. You can't hide behind the lazy simplicity of free-trade any more. The chickens are home to roost. Free-trade has jumped the shark.

Meanwhile, free-trade extremists like Andrew Bolt will be giddy with excitement.

Holden to cease manufacturing operations in Australia by 2017
Iconic car maker Holden has announced it will stop making vehicles in Australia by the end of 2017.

The decision means 2,900 people will lose their jobs - 1,600 from the manufacturing plant in South Australia and 1,300 in Victoria.

... the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says it is now "highly likely" Toyota will leave Australia too.

"In fact, it's almost certain and this will spell the end of 50,000 automotive jobs," national secretary of the vehicle division Dave Smith said...

He said he is "gutted" by Holden's withdrawal.
File under: specialise, trade, and stick your head in the sand.

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