My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist

Another good video by Paul Weston in which he demonstrates the mindset required to defend the West. The essential ingredient is a clear identity and strong preference to live among people of your own kind, rather than be flooded with diversity. Without a clear racial and cultural identity you can't defend your country.

But alas in today's society, if you are white and hold such a natural desire for kin preference, you can expect to be demonised and smeared as a "racist". If those are the rules of the game then Paul Weston concedes he is a "racist" by today's standards.

Personally I don't think it's necessary to accept the label of "racist", I think we can still make a distinction between racist and ethnocentric, or kin preference, or Anglo community, etc. But regardless, Weston is making an important point: in the current climate you can't defend your country without being smeared, so don't bother trying to avoid the labels they will demonise you with. There's no avoiding them, so just accept they are going to come your way.

Transcript at Liberty GB.
Via Gates of Vienna.

File under: natural desires.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    It's weird reading your blog because you seem to act as if you are speaking for Anglo Saxons but you are a man "of Middle Eastern appearance". By this I mean that you have olive skin, and black hair and in the video that appears above, you have the swarthy appearance of a blue beard (i.e. a 'five o'clock shadow'). If I believed that a person's national and cultural identity could be read from their appearance, I would guess that you could be Turkish, Armenian, Lebanese, Israeli or Egyptian.

    You are not Aryan are you? Is this blog your attempt to pass yourself off as white? You are obviously quite...dark.

    Actually this is just a cheeky joke as I hope you will have already realised. When you are subjected to discrimination you may get an inkling about what it feels like for other people.

    The monster Adolf Hitler was short, dark haired and swarthy. He celebrated a racial ideal that was tall, pale and fair-haired. His reasons for doing so are extremely complex but at least in part he is guilty of self-loathing because he worshiped an ideal that he could not hope to attain himself.

    Are you doing the same?