Paul Weston launches Liberty GB party

By London's Tower Bridge, Paul Weston launches Liberty GB and explains why this new political party is needed to halt Britain's catastrophic decline.

Hello, my name is Paul Weston and this is just a brief introductory video for the launch of a new party, which we’re going to call Liberty GB. Now I know there’s been a lot of discussion about British Freedom recently and why I left.

The main reason I left, there were two schools of thought at the top of British Freedom: one was people who didn’t mind the fact that we were only seen as the political wing of the EDL; and my school of thought was that if we want to reach out to Middle Britain this was going to [be …] a problem. And a lot of people talked to me and said, look I’d like to join, but I do have some issues with the EDL side of it.

Now I support in principle everything the EDL do, but I am aware of the fact that this does put some people off, which is why there was a spilt in British Freedom; and that is exactly why we are now starting a new party. We need to have a new party that appeals to Middle Britain because at the moment nobody will talk about these issues, or if they do talk about them they’re sidelined politically by the mainstream media who on the whole are extremely left wing. So we need to have a new party. And when I look at the people out there at the moment in the mainstream ... David Cameron’s Conservatives will not talk about the major issues, which to me are mass immigration – which now has got to such a point that it equates to population replacement – and they won’t talk about Islam. And of course Labour won’t, and of course the Lib Dems won’t.

The only party that will talk about it is the British National Party, but I don’t think they are going anywhere politically. They may very well be the biggest national[ist] party in the country, and there’s an awful lot, tens of thousands of people, who support the BNP but do not support a leader who is a holocaust denier and has the background that he has. So I can discount the BNP in terms of really gaining electoral success in the future, and the mainstream parties as I just said are absolutely useless when it comes to it.

So this is why we are starting this party, and we will talk about Islam, we will talk about population replacement, which as I said is literally genocidal. We’ve seen what’s happened to some of our big cities over the last few years, and the 2011 Census made it very clear that we are not just having some sort of multicultural, wonderful immigration policy, we are being cleaned out of our towns and out of our cities. This is incredibly serious and it’s now reached the point – the tipping point, if you will – where in twenty years’ time all of our cities will be minority white. And then the towns will follow and in twenty years, thirty years, certainly by 2030, 2040, we are going to be in the position where we are the ethnic minority in this country. And when you look at other countries – particularly the countries where the people who are replacing us, where they come from – all you see is violence, murder, rape and corruption, and I don’t want that to happen to this country.

So this is why we exist. I want everybody to understand that the whole premise of British Freedom I thought was right but there were just problems, politically speaking, how we went about it.

So, as I say, this is just a very brief introductory video. We will be putting more videos out in the future examining the problems I’m talking about. But for now, remember the name Liberty GB. It should be up on the web with this video, and I hope that you will join.

Thank you very much – my name is Paul Weston.
And here is an earlier video of Paul Weston suggesting that Britain is headed for civil war if nothing is done to halt Islamisation and Third World immigration.

File under: catastrophic decline.

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