Sex assault reveals refugees in student housing: Sydney

Macquarie University attack asylum fears
EIGHTY asylum seekers will be questioned by police hunting a man over an alleged sexual assault on a female student at Macquarie University as concerns are raised over housing asylum seekers in student accommodation ...

The man was described as being aged 20-25, with a thin build, dark skin and dark short curly hair...

The victim's townhouse is surrounded by units housing asylum seekers ...

"Why would the uni put a house full of girls next to asylum seekers?' There are so many other places they could live," the friend said.
Your daughters are not safe anywhere under a Labor Government, thanks to the reckless open-border policies of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

Triple J Radio spoke to the victim, and Ray Hadley on Radio 2GB said the refugees are mostly Sri Lankan men.

File under: the consequences of blind virtue.


  1. The illegal invasion of our country began with Kevin Rudd and has been continued by another Labor Party/unionist incompetent, Julia Gillard.

    As has illegal immigration detrimentally affected European countries and the United Kingdom, Australia is now well on the way to a similar misfortune. The Gillard government is spending billions of taxpayer dollars on border-busters while choosing to neglect palliative care funding for our own citizenry.

    I've made my mind up. The Julia Gillard experiment has brought my country nothing but trouble.

  2. Michael Smith thinks likewise ...

    Yesterday I asked Australia's best research team to find out how much of your money our immigration department is spending.



    An asylum-seeker from Sri Lanka has been charged with the indecent assault. According to the Sydney newspapers, he was not a resident at the Macquarie Village student accommodation but lived elsewhere in Sydney. I can't find anything in the media about whether he has been convicted or acquitted. Perhaps it hasn't yet gone to court.

    However, ABS statistics quoted in the Age article above show that Asylum Seekers are forty-five times LESS likely to be convicted of crimes than the broader population.

    People who try to make claims that Asylum Seekers are a criminal class are succumbing to very emotional, very irrational and imaginary fears rather than accepting the truth.