Youth in coma after gatecrashers throw bars - Sydney

On Friday, a party in the comfortable Sydney suburb of Forestville was gatecrashed, and teenager Liam Knight was speared in the head with a metal bar. If you suspected diversity was involved, today we learned it was (allegedly).

As the party was winding up at midnight, a girl called some uninvited guests who were ejected and then returned, violently throwing objects from a shed. And later the same gang allegedly bashed another teen walking home from the party.

A night of ruthless violence
A PROMISING rugby league player who witnessed his friend being speared in the head by a gatecrasher at an 18th birthday party feared he would be killed by the same gang when they assaulted him on his way home.

The 16-year-old was king-hit when a group of five Pacific Islander males surrounded him just up the street from the Forestville party where Liam Knight, 17, had earlier been critically injured during Friday night's wild melee ...

A short distance up the road, on Keldie St, Forestville, the teenager was stopped by a group of males. His mother said her son tried to make "small talk" with the group so they wouldn't hurt him ...

The next thing he knew he was hit in the face, suffering a broken eye socket and cheek bone. Bloodied and dizzy, he picked himself up and fled ...

The 16-year-old has provided police with a description of his attacker, which matches that of a male who scaled a fence at the birthday party and began throwing metal rods.
Would a Pacific Islander be as likely to start throwing metal bars if he was ejected from a party of fellow Islander people? Nope.

File under: the insecurity of diversity.

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