91-year-old mugged by diversity: Sydney

91-year-old man robbed - Liverpool
An elderly man has been robbed after withdrawing money at a bank in Liverpool.

About 11.45am yesterday (Wednesday 19 December, 2012) a 91-year-old man withdrew an amount of cash from a bank at Westfield’s in Liverpool.

As he left the premises and walked back to his car a man, described as being of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean in appearance and about 178cm tall with a tanned complexion, grabbed the elderly man and put him in a headlock.

He grabbed the 91-year-old’s wallet containing an amount of cash, before pushing him to the ground and running from the scene.

The gentleman sustained cuts and bruising to his arms and legs as a result of being pushed to the ground.

Detectives from Liverpool have released a CCTV image of a person taken at the time of the robbery who they believe may be able to assist with their inquiries. The man in the image is described as wearing a white baseball cap with black trim and a black ‘Henley’ singlet with white shorts and white sneakers with a blue stripe on the side.
The radio said he was a war veteran. Like many diverse parts of Sydney, Liverpool is not safe for old white people.

Both the Herald and Telegraph went to the trouble of censoring the perp's description. Neither published the CCTV image. It wasn't newsworthy enough for the ABC.

If an old Asian or Indian immigrant were mugged like this you can bet a foreign government would be hopping mad, local politicians would be prostrating themselves to placate them, and the ABC and SBS would be all over it.

File under: ministry of truth.

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