Knife-wielding butchers stop bandits - Sydney

Riverstone is a quiet suburb in outer western Sydney, with a small town centre that still has a country feel about it. Until now, that is.

It is just a few suburbs away from Blacktown which is teeming with diversity. And now that diversity has arrived wielding a machete. One of these attackers appears to be a hulking Pacific Islander male who threatens elderly people.

This sort of crime is all too common in diverse Sydney. Riverstone is about to be swamped demographically anyway, so this sort of incident will be a death knell for the town. Even though it's great to see a brave butcher fighting back, nonetheless, white residents will take this as a sign that the diversity wave has hit, and it's time to move out.

Our foreign minister Bob Carr justifies taking his Asian wife with him on overseas trips because she is a symbol of Australia's multicultural nature. But if Carr wants an accurate symbol of diverse Australia, he should take one of these hulking beasts with him instead.

So long as diverse immigration continues, more towns like this will continue to die.

File under: say goodbye to our town.

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