Anti-Muslim MP Wilders banned from Australia?

The anti-Muslim MP not allowed to visit Australia (via GoV)
... Chris Bowen, the Minister for Immigration ... [has] been sitting on a visa application by a member of the Dutch parliament who is an outspoken opponent of Islamic fundamentalism in the Netherlands and Belgium.

More than three weeks ago, the Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, applied for a visa to visit Australia. Visa applications by his support group of police and staff were granted within three days. Wilders is still waiting. He applied in August ...

If Bowen drags the process on for another week he will have stopped, via the back door, a conspicuous parliamentarian and opponent of Islamic fundamentalism from visiting Australia ...

Surely the Gillard Government and/or the Immigration Department would not interfere with due process? No, this is Australia, we don't do things like that here. Or do we?

Jackson 'suspects' stall
Labor MP Craig Thomson was the subject of extensive allegations brought before Fair Work Australia, concerning alleged mis-use of union funds during his time as a leader of the Labor affiliated Health Services Union (HSU), prior to his entry to Parliament. Presiding secretary of the union, Kathy Jackson, told ABC television in February 2012 that, given that the investigation had been underway since April 2009 and was unresolved by February 2012, she suspected the government had intervened to stall the inquiry.
File under: freedom of speech sacrificed to maintain the facade that Islam is a religion of peace?


  1. This is the same Gillard government that wants to censor the internet and hold an inquiry into the media?? These freaks can only hold onto power by censoring their political opponents. It's no surprise if they are stalling on Wilders visa.

  2. Good points. Gillard/Labor definitely has a strong urge to censor free speech. They will protect and serve the ideology of multi-culturalism even if it kills us.

  3. Islam is not multi cultural, nor democratic. It is a medaevil ideology that rejects democracy, rejects the rule of our secular law, and rejects the fundamental premise that women and men have equal rights. By any reasonable measure it represents an overt threat to the very core of Australian culture and the freedoms that most immigrants to Australia aspire to. But where are our womens rights groups on this issue? Do they not care about the lives our female children will inherit from us through our acquiescence now. Do they not care for the lives of women in Islamic countries that live under the yoke of Mullahs parading as god's mouth pieces. Have they chosen the same path as our useless, wasteful, self indulgent UN?

  4. Mangostein, you are correct. Islam is modeled after Muhammad - the original terrorist and child sex "prophet". Women, and the West in general, are conveniently silent. But that will have to change if we are to survive.