The Labor Party: This is Us

The ruling centre-left Australian Labor Party is in the midst of a leadership battle between previous Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and current PM Julia Gillard. The battle is unprecedented in levels of public vitriol between politicians.

To me, this shows what type of politicians rise to the top when politics is ruled by the demented ideologies of diversity, free trade, liberalism, globalisation, one-worldism, etc.

In one corner we have Kevin Rudd, the transnational-progressive ideologically-driven wrecking ball. In the other corner we have Julia Gillard, the incompetent compulsive liar socialist. It's a choice between the intelligent nation wrecker, and the clueless nation wrecker. Many in the party would prefer to lose the next election with Gillard than serve under Rudd again, due to his mad leadership style.

So how did we get so low?

Annabel Crabb, Leadership contest: things are getting a little crazy
Twenty months ago, Julia Gillard took control of a government she said had lost its way. Today, she seems certain to retain control of a government that has lost its mind.
When your country loses its values in the process of modernisation, this is filled by the values of opportunists: migrants, minorities and business men pull the country towards radical diversity and economic liberalism. In this environment, certain personalities rise to the top. Personalities that are completely alien to us. We have a serious crisis of leadership.

Until the West rediscovers its values and breeds new leaders, the lunatics will continue to run the asylum.

Meanwhile, let's take a last look inside the detailed programmatic mind of Kevin Rudd, the biggest ideologue in the southern hemisphere who wanted to see Australia dissolved into an Asia-Pacific Union. Let's look inside the mind of an ideologue trying to hold it all together (warning: foul language):

And what's the alternative? The compulsive liar:

I'm glad that Kevin Rudd appears to be dying a political death. I hope to never again hear his grandiose verbosity about an Asia-Pacific Union, or open-borders Big Australia freakery.

Meanwhile, we'll be stuck with the lying Gillard's demented speeches like:
This is the Labor way.

This is the Australian way.

We follow it simply because we are us.
This is the Labor Party, folks: demented to the core. Let's finish with a musical tribute to the (hopefully dying) Labor Party:

File under: this is Labor, devoid of values and leadership.

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