Climate science is ... like a court case in China

Andrew Bolt talks to three scientists skeptical of climate science on The Bolt Report:

Professor Bob Carter, Environmental Scientist.
Professor Peter Ridd, Marine Physicist.
Professor Garth Paltridge, Atmospheric Physicist.

Peter Ridd:
All this boils down to looking at these big models that predict the climate and when you look at the details, the uncertainties involved in those ... in fact they have no predictive value whatsoever ...

In our court system we have a prosecution, we have a defence, and by making the two sides argue we can get to the truth ... Now in science at the moment we only hear one side, and one side is funded, the other side is not funded. So ... it's like a court case in China and therefore the public actually can't have a great deal of faith in science at the moment. We need scientific reform, in fact, before we go and do things to our economy.
File under: faith in science.

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