Shock! Politician links national security to economic power!

Holy heart failure, Batman! What sort of parallel universe have I stumbled into? A politician, none other than our Liar-in-Chief Julia Gillard, links economic and military strength.

American recovery vital for Pacific security: Gillard
The Prime Minister has told Australian and American leaders gathered in Perth that the United States must regain its economic stability if it is to continue to underpin security in the Asia Pacific region...

"This battle is not just about the economy and jobs. US global leadership and its influence in a rapidly changing Asia Pacific depend on a continued economic strength," she said.

"Ultimately, it is economic power that underpins strategic power."

But she expressed her faith that America would overcome its current economic difficulties as it faced what she described as a "great test".
Finally her monkey speech writers typed something that makes sense, until the last line when they reverted to the dumb-as-Obama policy of "faith" that things will get better.

Here's a lesson in maths for the Liar-in-Chief and her monkeys: relative economic strength does not rely solely on one side of the equation i.e. we should also be working to limit the economic strength of China by way of containment via a Not Made In China policy.

Memo to Liar-in-Chief: have your monkeys talk to your Deputy-Liar-in-Chief Treasurer Wayne Swan because he has already economically surrendered to China by hitching our economic wagon to the "Asian Century".

It's not rocket science: it's far easier to deal with the China side of the equation by simply boycotting it i.e. no trade, no minerals, no buying our farms. It can't be that hard to find someone else to make all our cheap stuff. Hey, we could even make it ourself. The economics of comparative advantage is literally blown out of the water by the logic of: specialise, trade and get bombed! The price of Chinese goods is a missile pointed in your direction.

But, no, apparently we already can't say "boo!" to China, let alone boycott it. If so, we have already surrendered. If our minds and voices are already sealed, our fate is also sealed. Game over.

File under: relative strength has two variables, not one.


  1. Julia Gillard also fails to prepare for the possibility that the US may not maintain its economic supremacy, leaving China free to reign. Gillard, like most of them, is recklessly insane.

  2. Good point. Gillard doesn't have the brains for a plan A, let alone plan B if the USA doesn't recover.