Fjordman: the Proposition Nation is our primary enemy

Fjordman, Why The Proposition Nation, Not Islam, Is Our Primary Enemy
I started out writing about Islam, and I still stand by every statement I have ever made about Islam and Muslims. Yes, the Islamic creed by itself is inherently violent. No, it cannot be reformed, and Islam in any way, shape or form does not belong in the West. Islam, and all those who practice it, must be totally and physically removed from the entire Western world...

Nevertheless, as much as I loathe Islam it is merely a secondary infection. It would not be able to threaten us the way it does now had it not been for the aggressive cultural AIDS breaking down our immune system beforehand. The real mental virus that is killing the white West today is the post-Enlightenment construct we call the Idea Nation or Proposition Nation...

The Idea Nation concept stipulates that every single country, or at least every single Western country, is nothing but a random space on the map, an empty bowl just waiting to be filled with shopping and human rights... a Multicultural Disneyland where the white majority is being stripped off its rights, its identity and ultimately perhaps its very existence, all with the blessings of the state. The end result is ... The dispossession of whites and the organized destruction of European culture...

Virtually the entire political Left as well as the “respectable” establishment Right throughout the Western world have fully accepted the Idea Nation as the ideal and agree on 90-95% of the goals. The so-called political debate we see on the newspapers and on the TV screens merely addresses the remaining details of how a Multicultural society should be implemented or what the New Man should look like. It is an insane ideological beauty contest on how best to dismantle the white West...

An alternative view vis-à-vis the Idea Nation, and frankly, the only one that makes sense in light of human history and biological realities, is that a nation consists of a group of genetically related people with shared historical experiences, a roughly similar outlook and cultural background as well as emotional ties to their ancestors and to the land they live on...

Unfortunately, this latter line of thinking was discredited by the Nazis. After the Second World War, any talk of genetic differences, of being related by blood or of ties to the soil you live on became associated with Nazism and therefore seen as evil. Out of the many things the Nazis destroyed, this was one of the most damaging, but perhaps least appreciated today. I would be tempted to declare the Nazis the most anti-white movement that ever existed, considering the incalculable damage they did to Europeans and people of European origins.

The main reason why we are threatened by outside forces today is because of the notion that our countries should be glorified shopping centers where anybody should be free to enter as they desire. As long as this situation continues, we will never be able to defeat our enemies

Our primary enemy is the Proposition Nation, not Islam. The only way to restore sanity to our countries is to restore the concept that a country is the homeland of a nation of closely related people with a shared heritage. Unfortunately, those who champion the Idea Nation concept have become so deeply entrenched in positions of power throughout the Western world that this struggle has the potential to trigger a pan-Western civil war, or a Multicultural world war.
All true. This post-war dementia has been covered by others too...

Peter Brimelow, America’s Immigration Policy—Hitler’s Revenge?
There is a sense in which current immigration policy is Adolf Hitler’s posthumous revenge on America. The U.S. political elite emerged from the war passionately concerned to cleanse itself from all taints of racism or xenophobia. Eventually, it enacted the epochal Immigration Act (technically, the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments) of 1965.

And this, quite accidentally, triggered a renewed mass immigration, so huge and so systematically different from anything that had gone before as to transform—and ultimately, perhaps, even to destroy—the one unquestioned victor of World War II: the American nation, as it had evolved by the middle of the 20th century.
Diana West, Hitler’s Revenge
Such idealistic trends, the one cited by Hechingers, the other by Brimelow, were at heart emotional trends–part of the same national mood swing of postwar exuberance. The “democratic” classroom that no longer saluted authority embodied the difference between the heil-Hitler bad guys and the power-to-the-people good guys; so, too, did “democratic” immigration legislation (”a national emotional spasm”) that sent Western European émigrés toward the back of the line for American entry. Just as we were now inclined to bridle at the traditional hierarchy in the classroom, we were also ready to reject the traditional hierarchy of cultures. This would ultimately, however, call into question our own place on top.

And therein lies Hitler’s revenge – the cultural leveling that either emerged from, or was, in some crucial way, accentuated by, natural outrage over the crimes against humanity committed by the Third Reich. Hitler, of course was totally defeated, along with his tyrannical notion of cultural (Germanic) and racial (Aryan) “supremacy.” But so, too, perhaps, were all notions of Western primacy regarding culture and race (which I take here to include nationhood) – even ones that supported, not supremacy in a murderous form, but judgment in a rational form. Grounded by notions of sovereignty and cultural affinity, such judgment determines the kids of attitudes and choices–on everything from religion to law to literature–that are expressed in cultural identity. In the case of the United States and its European allies, these attitudes and choices derive from a specifically Judeo-Christian identity forged in fire, ink, and steel by those whom our modern-day multiculturalists insultingly deride as “dead, white men.”

... The act of maintaining or defending the culture, or ultimately, even defining it – whether through unabashed opposition to communist expansionism, purposefully selective immigration practices, or even sticking to the Western canon – became confused with and condemned as an exclusionary and, therefore, evil chauvinism. In this way, having won the great victory, the Allies lost the will to survive...

Openness and acceptance on every and any level – from personal to national, from sexual to religious – are the highest possible virtues of the postmodern Westerner. This makes boundaries and taboos, limits and definition – anything that closes the door on anything else – the lowest possible sins. Judgment, no matter how judicious, is tarred as “prejudice” and, therefore, a neobarbarous act to be repressed and ultimately suspended. Patriotism has been caricatured out of polite society as boorish warmongering. Western civilization itself, which may be taken as the product of both judgment and patriotism, has been roundly condemned for being both prejudiced and warmongering. The overall effect has been to sap the culture’s confidence in its own traditions, even – especially – in the classical liberal tradition that stiffed our spines against Hitler in the first place. The cultural anemia that began to take hold long ago has passively accepted the transformation of America the Western into America the Multicultural (and Western Europe into Multicultural Europe) as a good, or necessary, or even just inevitable thing. And thus – with the practical disappearance of the nation, or perhaps better, the culture, that defeated him – Hitler’s revenge.
Lawrence Auster, Merkel tells Germans to accept the Islamization of Germany
The ironies are sickening. When Hitler came to power in 1933, there were 600,000, mostly highly assimilated, Jews in Germany, one percent of the population, but the Nazis viewed this one percent Jewish element as such a threat to the German nation that it had to be dispossessed and destroyed.

Now there are five million Muslims in Germany, six percent of the population of 81 million, the carriers of a way of life and a system of law totally incompatible with the West, and the German policy is to attack, not the Muslims, but a sole individual, Thilo Sarrazin, who warns that the Muslims cannot assimilate.
So, value homogeneity for its comfort and safety, or be displaced by diversity, it's that simple.


  1. Speaking of dementia, Christopher Caldwell said "Western Europe became a multi-ethnic society in a fit of absence of mind". No doubt about it, Western man has lost his head and needs to rediscover his values quicksmart.